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  1. Copy block
  • This versatile piece can be used in various formats, such as newsletter articles or customised blog posts.  

2.   Social media posts

  • Pre-designed social media posts to promote solutions across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Each post comes with co-branded graphic images, with varying dimensions suitable for paid advertising or organic social media publishing.  

3.   EDM sequences

  • Includes email variations with banner images that can be used as part of a multi-step nurture campaign.  

Available campaigns-in-a-box:

Find below all end-user campaign content which you can access. We’ll be updating new content in this library monthly, so bookmark this page and keep an eye out for new content! 

1. Benefits of Cloud-Based Communications 

Educate businesses on the benefits of cloud-based communications solutions while also building awareness of your partnership with Access4 as a specialist Voice and Unified Communications provider. This is the perfect starting point to introduce your customers to voice and collaboration solutions your business can offer, including insight into the changing business communications landscape post-pandemic. 

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Ideal target audience: Customers you have not already sold voice and UCaaS to


2. Optimising Team Collaboration

Educate businesses on how Unified Communications can support hybrid and remote working by optimising team collaboration in a sustainable and effective way. Introduce solutions such as MS Teams and advanced telephony features supported on SASBOSS®️ that businesses can use to experience more robust, end-to-end cloud-based voice and team collaboration solutions that meet the needs of their customers and employees alike.  

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Ideal target audience: Customers who want to enhance their team collaboration experience or upgrade to a more advanced phone system 


3. A Modern Cloud Phone System with a Modern Pricing Structure for Unlimited Users – What You Need to Know 

Educate your customers on a per-simultaneous calling solution that lets them pay per phone line and calling capacity rather than per seat, allowing businesses to quickly scale up or down their calling capacity requirements to meet their evolving needs. Perfect for customers who have an old, on-premise phone system that needs to be replaced, or for those who have a high number of handsets or users, but a relatively lower number of calls. 

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Ideal target audience: Customers with an ageing and unsupported on-premise PABX who should have moved to a hosted voice setup, but have delayed doing so due to the costs associated with other solutions; and businesses with low call volumes and a relatively higher number of users or devices 


4. Is your Telephony Resilient? How to Achieve Voice Continuity with a Complimentary Health Check 

Educate and support your new and existing customers with complimentary voice continuity health checks, especially for businesses that are aware of the criticality of robust cybersecurity but only focus on protecting customer data, not their voice solutions. Tailored to MSPs who offer their customers exceptional support when it comes to managing their security, this campaign will enable you to educate your customer base that it is also critical for them to focus on the continuity of their voice or telephony system. 

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Ideal target audience: New and existing customers you have not already sold voice and UCaaS to, or those who have an old telephony system you wish to up-sell. Especially relevant for those customers who you may already be selling security to.


5. The Telco Challenger 

This campaign will help you position with your customers why your service and overall value proposition is superior to a Telco’s. We’ve taken a partly tongue-in-cheek approach with this campaign to help you differentiate your offering, and position with your customers that they can now get the best of both worlds with you and Access4: the reliability and redundancy of network that you would expect from a Telco, but with the amazing customer experience of their local IT service provider.

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Ideal target audience: New and existing customers you have not already sold voice and UCaaS to, and who you know have their existing voice or UCaaS solution through a Telco.


6. The Power of UCaaS in Transforming Hybrid Work

This campaign will help you help promote Access4’s UCaaS telephony technology for hybrid working models. In today’s fast-paced, hybrid working world, staying connected with customers and clients is crucial. This is where the need for better telephony technology comes into play. Modern telephony solutions, such as UCaaS, offer a wealth of features and insights that traditional systems lack. With the right UCaaS solution, you can help your customers check the “pulse” of their business in real-time.  

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Ideal target audience: New and existing customers who want to build a successful hybrid work environment in a seamless way.


7. Empowering Business Growth With Advanced Call Analytics 

For customers who are looking to build efficiencies across their business, this campaign will educate them on the benefits that advanced call analytics can provide, supporting them to optimise their operations and make well-informed future business decisions. Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power! Let your customers know that without it, they will miss out on the efficiency and productivity gains that their competitors are utilising.

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Ideal target audience: Fast-growing businesses who rely on telephony as their primary channel for engaging with and servicing their customers. 


8. Enhancing Microsoft Teams for Business Calling 

This campaign will support MSPs to help their customers take their MS Teams deployment to the next level – with resiliency, redundancy, advanced call analytics and functionality in mind. Educate and support new and existing customers in enhancing the standard calling features offered by Microsoft Teams via Access4’s “Teams Calling Enhanced” solution.

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Ideal target audience: Customers who want to move to a hosted calling solution which enables collaboration and hybrid working from anywhere in the world. 

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