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Increase Revenue and Retention: Don’t Miss Out on the Growing Demand for Voice and UCaaS Solutions

The Telco industry has undergone a major shift with Voice and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes, merging what has been seen as traditional Telco with IT services

  • If you’re not offering these solutions as part of your service offering, you’re missing out on a significant revenue opportunity. Your customers will be seeking help around UCaaS, be sure that you are their trusted partner when it comes to all things Voice and collaboration 
  • The easiest businesses to sell to are your own customers. By adding Voice and UCaaS solutions to your existing service offering, you will not only retain your current customers, but also increase their account value

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UCaaS: The Key to Unlocking Growth for MSPs 

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is the next big wave in the technology industry, following the growing importance of security solutions. Businesses continue to have the challenge of disparate workforces, which continues to drive the demand for cloud-based communications

  • As more businesses move towards cloud-based solutions and to support the modern workplace, the demand for UCaaS will continue to grow, making it a strategic and profitable opportunity for MSPs. Without offering these solutions now, MSPs miss out on revenue opportunities that the early adopters will capitilise on
  • Competition is growing as traditional CSPs and PBX resellers are transitioning into MSPs to capitalise on the shift from traditional Telco-based Voice solutions to SaaS-based solutions
  • MSPs who don’t adapt and offer Voice and UCaaS solutions risk losing business to their competitors who do. Larger MSPs are also acquiring smaller MSPs to expand their Voice and UCaaS offerings, making it crucial for MSPs to stay competitive in this area

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Access4’s Partner Program Offers Experienced Pre-sales Team Assistance  

Access4’s SASBOSS®️ platform streamlines the solution selling process for MSPs, simplifying the quoting and provisioning process for both you and your customers. With SASBOSS®️, you can quickly and easily provide quotes and set up solutions, allowing you to focus on growing your business

  • Unlock new revenue streams with Access4’s Partner Program – our expert presales team provides comprehensive solution-selling support, working in collaboration with you to boost your sales capacity, empower your teams and drive success throughout the entire sales process
  • Maximise your marketing efforts and convert potential business faster with Access4’s comprehensive marketing support program designed to educate your customer base on the benefits of cloud-based Voice and UCaaS, and position you as a trusted and knowledgeable provider in the market

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Increase Sustainability by Shifting from Traditional, One-Time Sales, to Recurring Revenue Streams 

Access4 helps you to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by providing low overheads and removing the hidden costs typically associated with maintaining Voice and Unified Communications Platforms with our SaaS based, multi-tenanted platform, SASBOSS®️

  • Ditch the ‘sugar hit’ of one-time PBX sales and secure sustainable growth with increased recurring revenue that comes from cloud-based Voice and Unified Communications solutions
  • Partner with Access4 and unlock the potential for increased recurring revenue through our comprehensive Partner Program and expert guidance on transitioning to a SaaS-based model
  • With Access4’s Partner Program, not only will you learn how to grow your annual (ARR) and monthly recurring revenue (MRR), but our experienced leadership team will provide expert commission planning and structuring advice to help you map out a sales and commission strategy tailored to your unique team, ensuring a smooth transition and long-term success in maximising your profit margins

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Change the way you work

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We understand that MSP’s cannot risk working with a Voice provider that would put the rest of their customer contract at jeopardy, they’re looking for the most robust and reliable solutions on the market, which we’re able to provide through our industry leading platform, SASBOSS®️. We saw many MSPs suffer through the pandemic because they didn’t have a reliable Voice solution, offering them a recurring revenue stream. We also saw a number of MSP businesses saved, because they did.

Tim Jackson – Managing Director

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