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Take the pain out of provisioning Microsoft Teams and Webex solutions 

Designed to streamline and simplify cloud communications and collaboration tooling, Access4’s UCaaS solution takes the labour and time out of provisioning separate tools in siloed environments.

  • Enjoy a simple set-up and onboarding of all of your customers favourite communications tools such as Microsoft Teams and Webex 
  • Quickly and easily provision cloud based calling systems and collaboration tools on one platform 
  • Benefit from a local team of dedicated UCaaS, Microsoft Teams and Webex experts who can guide you through the sales and set-up process 

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Hosted Voice

Carrier grade infrastructure for business continuity 

Build call and communication resiliency into your service offering by enabling Access4’s UCaaS solution that is built with proven business continuity technology that has minimal or no drop-outs or down-time

  • Reliable infrastructure with a local support team for continuity and carrier-grade service levels 
  • Flexible licensing models for distributed and remote workforces 
  • CRM integration and enablement of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Webex for added resiliency 

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Businesses seeking Cloud-Based Voice Solutions (End Users)

Advanced Telephony Features

Help your customers deliver exceptional customer service through Access4’s UCaaS solution that is built with advanced telephony features. Activate call automation, call responding and call monitoring from one simple platform that is built to scale

  • Offer intuitive call-management workflows to ensure customers are not kept on hold for long periods of time 
  • Build flexible solutions to suit your requirements with a range of features including call forwarding, call routing, IVR, call recording, call analytics and custom hold music 
  • Integrate with leading platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Webex 

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Our Unified Communications as a Service Products

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