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Sell and Provision more Voice and UCaaS with Access4’s Industry-Leading Partner Program 

Expand your recurring revenue streams without adding more resources to your team with Access4’s industry-leading partner program. We offer a unique ‘sell with’ model where we work alongside you to increase your sales capacity and empower your sales teams, ensuring success at every stage of the selling process

  • Access4’s marketing support – reach your customer base quickly and educate them on the benefits of cloud-based Voice and UCaaS solutions while converting potential business into actual sales faster than ever before. With our expert guidance, you’ll be able to tap into the growing demand for these services and boost your MSP business 
  • Access4’s dedicated pre-sales team empowers your technical resources around selling and provisioning Voice solutions. With our expert support, we’ll help you to gain the necessary skills to sell Voice effectively and we’ll also sell alongside you. Don’t let the burden of selling hold you back any longer
  • Carriers have traditionally made porting tedious and clunky – we’ve solved this problem by removing the pain from porting through a dedicated team that does this for you, as well as fast porting options

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Unlock Greater Efficiency and Profitability with Access4’s SASBOSS®️ Platform 

Our founders, who have extensive experience in running large communication service and managed service providers, have designed the SASBOSS®️ platform specifically to help you simplify the process of selling cloud-based Voice solutions, so you can focus on growing your business

  • Simplify solution selling with Access4’s SASBOSS®️ – our proprietary OSS/BSS platform allows you to easily provide quotes and quickly provision cloud-based Voice solutions for your customers in minutes, freeing up your team to do what they do best
  • Leverage our breadth of cloud-based solutions and cutting edge technology that historically would require you to engage with multiple solution providers. All of our solutions are serviceable from one single pane of glass via the SASBOSS®️ platform, meaning you’ll save on overall spend, and billing becomes much simpler
  • Free up necessary time and energy from your pre-sales team by leveraging the simplicity of SASBOSS®️. Rather than employing more experienced technical resources to provision Voice solutions, you’ll have the benefit of leveraging a platform that will do the work for you, backed by a Technical team that has extensive experience in delivering Unified Communications

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Increase Sustainability by Shifting from Traditional, One-Time Sales, to Recurring Revenue Streams 

Access4 helps you to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by providing low overheads and removing the hidden costs typically associated with maintaining Voice and Unified Communications Platforms with our SaaS based, multi-tenanted platform, SASBOSS®️

  • Ditch the ‘sugar hit’ of one-time PBX sales and secure sustainable growth with increased recurring revenue that comes from cloud-based Voice and Unified Communications solutions
  • Partner with Access4 and unlock the potential for increased recurring revenue through our comprehensive Partner Program and expert guidance on transitioning to a SaaS-based model
  • With Access4’s Partner Program, not only will you learn how to grow your annual (ARR) and monthly recurring revenue (MRR), but our experienced leadership team will provide expert commission planning and structuring advice to help you map out a sales and commission strategy tailored to your unique team, ensuring a smooth transition and long-term success in maximising your profit margins

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Transition to Cloud-Based Solutions To Sustain Your Business in the Face of PBX Redundancy and Market Convergence 

The traditional Communications Service Provider (CSP) business model is under significant pressure as physical phone systems (PBX’s) become obsolete and cloud-based communications rise in popularity. Amid market convergence and MSP expansion, CSPs who don’t adopt cloud-based Voice solutions risk losing revenue as customers migrate to SaaS-based alternatives

  • Access4 is a one-stop solution for CSPs looking to transition from an outdated Telco-based model to a SaaS-based solution offering, we’re here to help you stay competitive, and to grow your business, in a rapidly changing market
  • For CSPs hesitant to transition to SaaS-based solutions, Access4 can help you mitigate the risk, allowing you to maintain revenue from traditional physical systems while also adapting to changing market demands. This gives you the option of selling hybrid traditional PBX and Cloud solutions

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We’ve experienced a material resource saving across the board, but most importantly working with Access4 has led to a vastly better customer experience and the breadth of Access4’s offering has unlocked MRR for us that was previously not possible with our experience level internally.

Luke Johnson – Product Manager

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