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Empowering clients through technology.

VISITS is an Australian based Managed Service Provider that focuses on empowering its clients through technology. They have a clear passion for client success and have built a business model founded on long-lasting client relationships. VISITS has approximately 60 staff across Melbourne, regional Victoria, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane with clients ranging from 25 employees to several thousand. The Australian based Managed Service Provider delivers services across most verticals including manufacturing, education, professional services and community-based organisations.

We interviewed Luke Johnson, Product Manager at VISITS to understand the benefits of deploying and partnering with Access4. Luke is responsible for the product and pre-sales teams and is tasked with ultimately ensuring that products and services align and continually adapt to the needs of both new and existing customers.

VISITS has a number of engineering staff from level one service desk to level three and specialist engineers. Visits also comprises operations, procurement and administration functions that all underpin the sales and technical arms of the business.


Bringing UCaaS confidence to customers from day one.

With the increasing demand for unified communication technology like Microsoft Teams, VISITS decided to slowly include more Voice and Unified Comms related projects into their service offering, although it wasn’t part of their traditional business model or expertise.

Their initial approach was to build a Microsoft Teams Voice offering themselves that they could deploy and manage internally, which they did this for two years. With this, VISITS experienced several stability issues and as they grew, they couldn’t effectively expand on their feature sets, especially when it came to larger UCaaS deployments. This ultimately led them to finding a replacement solution, which is where Access4 stepped in. Access4 enabled the VISITS team quickly so they could migrate their existing customers over and start selling new business as soon as possible.

VISITS launched their Microsoft Teams Calling solution backed by Access4’s SASBOSS™ platform and began bringing Access4 into their pre-sale’s opportunities early. With this strategy, the two organisations were able to win an increasingly large number of deals because Access4 understood the VISITS brand and could represent them with confidence. VISITS was able to bring in the expertise of Access4 from the get-go, adding to their skillset and competitive advantage as a UCaaS provider of choice.

“From day one, we’ve had a really strong partnership with Access4 and that’s extremely important for us as UCaaS or Voice was never part of our core business. We started to slowly bring in more Voice related business on the side, mostly in response to the adaptation of Microsoft Teams being the primary collaboration tool for a number of businesses.”

Luke Johnson – Product Manager


Scaled UCaaS offering & expanded Voice capability – with immediate results.

VISITS was able to hit the ground running quickly and efficiently by signing up as a Platinum Partner under the Access4’s Advantage Partner Program. They realised that the Access4 Partner Program was not your typical program, instead of offering basic sales and marketing training, Access4 provided detailed expertise and access to highly experienced personnel that made all the difference for the team at VISITS.

Ultimately this has allowed VISITS to bring in new business that they previously could not, based on their extended Voice and cloud-based unified communications knowledge, with Access4 right by their side. The robust technical features and functionality of the SASBOSS™ platform meant that instead of sinking costs in attempting to evolve their internal Voice system, VISITS were able to enhance their solution offering backed by Access’s intelligent platform and skillset.

Luke Johnson shared,

“With minimal investment we’ve been able to scale our offering and expand our Voice capability by leveraging Access4’s team and SASBOSS™ platform. I think many vendor programs are often let down by their onboarding, or lack thereof. They often just tick the necessary boxes, which is usually some form of basic sales and technical training. I think this is where Access4 differentiate themselves really well, because they have a very structured and well thought out program, which allowed us to hit the ground running – very, very quickly.”

Huge savings and unlocked Monthly Recurring Revenue.

Since moving to Access4, Visits have achieved increased efficiency and effectiveness across their professional services and operations team. They’ve been able to cut down their implementation effort with Access4’s SASBOSS™ platform, and provisioning and support has been vastly simplified.

Access4’s solution and Partner Program benefits have not only assisted them in saving significantly on future resources, but it has dramatically improved customer experience regarding Cloud-based Voice projects and has helped Visits to unlock increased MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) as a result of the Access4 team’s consistent support and field of expertise.

“We’ve experienced a material resource saving across the board, but most importantly working with Access4 has led to a vastly better customer experience and the breadth of Access4’s offering has unlocked MRR for us that was previously not possible with our experience level internally.”

Luke Johnson – Product Manager

For VISITS, the biggest obstacle was the perceived mammoth task of migrating their customers over to Access4, there was a concern that the costs and complexity associated with transitioning to the Access4 platform could outweigh the benefit of deploying and implementing the SASBOSS™ platform.

Luke Johnson shared, “We might be in a bit of a different situation than some of the other Australian MSP’s who are just entering the market because we had a previous offering and were looking to migrate or lift and shift our customers over. The concern that we had was very quickly settled by the assistance that Access4 gave us throughout the entire process. The people and expertise within Access4 are a huge differentiating factor. They have several technical resources that are available to us at all times and throughout the entire on-boarding, pre-sales and sales delivery process. We also had a Partner Account Manager and Partner Success Manager, so with everyone together, any concerns were quickly removed and made us realise we made the right call.”

VISITS recommends Access4 to MSP’s

When asked if VISITS would recommend Access4 to other Australian and New Zealand based MSP’s, he shared,

“Yes, we would definitely recommend Access4 to Australian & New Zealand MSP’s. Based on our market testing and research, when we were searching for a new UCaaS partner, Access4 had a very clear competitive edge compared to other UCaaS or Voice or Cloud-based Voice providers. It was immediately obvious that from a feature set perspective Access4 were miles apart, but also, they have a very strong partner program and sales acumen. Many other partners we were exploring have more of an engineering focus and less of a sales based-approach and we needed both.”

To find out more about the Advantage Partner Program and to register your details for the Partner Program info pack, go here.

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