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What is UC Xpress?

A simultaneous calling solution that means customers only pay per phone line, rather than per-seat. This enables customers with low volume calling environments to pay based on their desired contention ratio. 

We recognise that some businesses would like the benefits of a cloud phone system but can’t justify paying a monthly fee for every phone or user in their business.

This is especially true if you have an old, on-premise phone system that is paid off and you are now only paying for usage, or you have a high number of handsets but a relatively lower number of calls.

With UC Xpress, you’ll get access to a more flexible and cost-effective solution to meet the ever changing calling profile of your customers.


SMS Gateway and SASBOSS

UC Xpress helps Partners lower cost of ownership

  • Multi-tenanted solution – reduce risks, costs and overheads with all infrastructure managed and hosted within a secure multi-tenanted platform
  • Only pay per phone line – easily scale up or down your customers telephony operations as business needs change
  • Legacy PABX replacement – perfect solution for customers with ageing and unsupported PABX systems who should have moved to a hosted voice setup but have delayed doing so due to high costs associated with other solutions
  • Eliminate hidden fees – everything is under one bill!
  • All-in-one platform – successfully provision your customers’ telephony solution without third-party involvement
UC Xpress collaboration

Reach more customers with UC Xpress

If a per-seat model such as our Broadworks solution doesn’t fit, instead look at UC Xpress! There are two immediate scenarios where UC Xpress has an ideal fit over a per-seat model: 

Customers with ageing and unsupported PABX who should have moved to a hosted voice setup, but have delayed doing so due to the costs associated with other solutions. For these customers, UC Xpress provides:  

  • Cost effective calling with a familiar pricing structure (systems with lines and usage)
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease the number of users as business needs change
  • A supported phone system built for remote workers, removing the risks of ageing phone systems
UC Xpress Market Scenario

Customers that have a high number of phones but very low call usage. UC Xpress provides:

  • A cost-effective option that scales with current calling profile and offers unlimited users    
  • Lower overall phone system costs where there are a high number of endpoints   
  • Flexibility to add lines or other solutions as business needs change 

Want to learn more about how UC Xpress can drive your business forward? Contact us now for a detailed discussion.

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The Access4 difference


Reduce liability and risk 

A multi-tenant platform built for end-to-end reliability, monitoring, performance and troubleshooting of the whole solution. We provide peace of mind; help build your business and leave you to focus on delighting customers 


SASBOSS™ integration  

Managed in a leading single-instance provisioning platform that makes it easy for Partners to provide telephony for specific customer needs



Designed to easily scale within one multi-tenanted platform & portal to manage all your customers across all sites all hosted and maintained for you. 

Customer First

Partner focus and support 

We don’t sell direct – we only succeed when our partners succeed. We provide all the tools and support necessary for you to grow from sales, pre-sales, provisioning, porting, billing, support and more. We are local in Australia and have a proven model for success.