What is UC Xpress?

A simultaneous calling solution that means customers only pay per phone line, rather than per-seat. This means that customers with low volume calling environments only pay based on their desired contention ratio. 

UC Xpress helps Partners lower cost of ownership

  • Only pay per phone line – easily scale up or down your customers telephony operations as business needs change
  • Legacy PABX replacement – perfect solution for customers with ageing and unsupported PABX systems who should have moved to a hosted voice setup but have delayed doing so due to high costs associated with other solutions
  • Multi-tenanted solution – reduce risks, costs and overheads with all infrastructure managed and hosted within a secure multi-tenanted platform
  • Eliminate hidden fees – everything is under one bill!

Reach more customers with UC Xpress

If a per-seat model such as our Broadworks solution doesn’t fit, don’t lose the deal, instead look at UC Xpress! There are two immediate scenarios where UC Xpress has an ideal fit over a per-seat model: 

Customers with ageing and unsupported PABX who should have moved to a hosted voice setup, but have delayed doing so due to the costs associated with other solutions. For these customers, UC Xpress provides:  

  • Cost effective calling with a familiar pricing structure (systems with lines and usage)
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease the number of users as business needs change
  • A supported phone system built for remote workers, removing the risks of ageing phone systems

Customers that have a high number of phones but very low call usage. UC Xpress provides:

  • A cost-effective option that scales with current calling profile and offers unlimited users    
  • Lower overall phone system costs where there are a high number of endpoints   
  • Flexibility to add lines or other solutions as business needs change 

The Access4 difference

cloud voice

Reduce liability and risk 

A multi-tenant platform built for end-to-end reliability, monitoring, performance and troubleshooting of the whole solution. We provide peace of mind; help build your business and leave you to focus on delighting customers 


SASBOSS™ integration  

Managed in a leading single-instance provisioning platform that makes it easy for Partners to provide telephony for specific customer needs



Designed to easily scale within one multi-tenanted platform & portal to manage all your customers across all sites all hosted and maintained for you. 

Microsoft Teams

Partner focus and support 

We don’t sell direct – we only succeed when our partners succeed. We provide all the tools and support necessary for you to grow from sales, pre-sales, provisioning, porting, billing, support and more. We are local in Australia and have a proven model for success. 


Change the way you work

Case Studies

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