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Communication, Responsibility, Experience and Knowledge

PConnect delivers for healthcare with Access4

A little over 10 years ago Geoff Boyce and Gerard Buscombe saw an opportunity in the market to create an affordable, reliable, adaptable telephony service that was easily understood yet flexible enough to meet the modern business demands.

They established a company called Precision IT to offer a range of innovative services and solutions for small, medium and large sized organisations across Australia.

Geoff Boyce, Director and Founder of Precision IT said, “There was so much jargon out there in IT land. We wanted to make it straightforward for customers, take the complexity out of IT services and make things transparent, dependable and easy to understand.

The business model we built is underpinned by four crucial commitments we make to our clients: Communication, Responsibility, Experience and Knowledge. We believe this sets us apart in the outsourced IT industry and we are proud of that. We work hand in hand with our clients to adapt the latest technologies to suit their individual needs.”

This approach has proved to be a winning formula that has seen Precision IT go from strength to strength.

Over the past few years, the company has developed a strong speciality in the healthcare sector, such that the business now supports more than 50 GP and specialist medical practices nationally and truly understands medical IT systems.

“We have built solid working relationships and partnerships with key medical industry providers including Stat Health, HCN, Best Practice, Genie Solutions, Medical Objects, HealthLink, Shexie, Direct Control, Clintel, MIMS, Argus, Appointuit, DocAppointments – and many more,” said Geoff.

“We’ve been able to help a number of clients within the healthcare industry as we understand the legalities and complexities inherent in the industry and are able to simplify them into a succinct service offering that meets all of their requirements – from functionality and reliability through to reporting and other legislative requirements.”

In the healthcare industry, IT services are mission critical. A completely stable and reliable platform is a key success factor to ensure systems are 100% available during required hours to provide access to patient notes and deliver the highest levels of patient care. To meet the needs of its various clients in the healthcare sector, the company developed a solution called Precision Connect, a highly reliable internet and WAN service.

“We love new challenges and the opportunity to work with clients on innovative solutions. Out of the Precision Connect solution, we have built a business called PConnect, a company that was created from a client need and allows us to continue to innovate around the solution as new technologies and capabilities emerge,” said Geoff.

PConnect provides a range of services supported by a high-speed backbone network, allowing businesses to establish a corporate private MPLS networks that connects multiple sites securely. With a 99.98% uptime guarantee, this high-performance network offers multiple connection options including fibre, ethernet and fixed wireless.

“While it’s technology innovation that gets us out of bed in the morning, we’re also excited by the opportunities presented by the healthcare industry. We understand the challenges the industry faces around time to delivery, consistency and dependability. PConnect is the business that is able to tick all of those boxes.

At launch, PConnect did face a major issue with former providers. The solution was being impacted by network outages and a lack of platform stability, which meant we were not able to meet the commitments we had made to our clients. We undertook an in-depth market review for a new platform partner as our previous suppliers had completely let us down.”

The PConnect solution has since been transitioned to Access4, where the upgraded platform and portal leads to faster, more reliable use and provides the opportunity for customization.

“The decision to move to Access4 was a simple one. At the centre of our relationship is a shared value system; we both believe in taking the complexity out of the service; making it transparent, dependable and easily understood. We are both focused on continued investment in new technologies and advancements. And we both value reliability and clear communication.

Geoff Boyce – Director and Founder of Precision IT

Transitioning our business telephony back-end onto the Access4 network has been a real enabler for our team to deliver on the ‘can do’ attitude we have built our business around. Our clients sometimes ask for miracles and Access4’s team and product suite has enabled us to deliver quickly and easily,” said Geoff.

Working with Access4 has also allowed the company to introduce voice services, and its integration with Microsoft Teams provides a one stop shop for all a clients’ voice and data needs.

“With more than six years of experience in developing tailored solutions for the healthcare industry, PConnect now aims to make voice and data platforms an industry standard, responding to a pressing need for easy, deliverable and reliable systems,” said Geoff.

The integration of MS teams provides a seamless telephony service and makes PConnect a turn-key unified communications solution for clients regardless of the industry they are in.

“What’s more, the SASSBOSS platform with its automated deployment and billing platform means we now have the ability to spend 70% more time on acquiring new clients and strengthening our client relationships rather than processing billing and manual provisioning of new endpoints. We are that much more efficient! The Access4 platform ensures we are up to the task in healthcare and we are now focusing our R&D on new integrations like nurse and duress alarms and making video the new default for electronic communications in patient care.”


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