Access4 | Mar 14, 2018

Access4 Director of Sales & Marketing, Ruy Franco, said that the Viatek partnership was a great example of Access4’s capability, agility and why the company chose to invest in its own platform and build systems internally such as SASBOSS™.

“Viatek needed a UCaaS solution that would allow them to quickly and easily scale services up and down, particularly for mid-market customers and some enterprise applications. In addition, they had recognised a need for Office 365 AD integration. We could see the strategic importance of this investment and so we built a seamless integration from our provisioning system SASBOSS™ to Office 365 AD, tested it with Viatek as our lead partner, and then refined it from their feedback,” said Franco.

Access4’s new Office 365 AD integration is the latest response to the market’s demand for the implementation of collaborative tools. Office 365 is built around flexibility and work-flow of different user profiles, which naturally complement UC solutions.

SASBOSS™ provisioning portal provides Office 365 customers with an authorisation link to create a trusted relationship between the two platforms. With it, customers can provision, manage and operate all their users across the business from one place in Office 365. If a company adds a user in Office 365 AD, it will add a UC service and the partner/customer can fully provision that service within minutes including automated handset configuration. SASBOSS will also import the company’s global address book making those contacts available on all users’ handsets (handset device dependant).

Franco said, “That means a partner can deliver a 100-200 seat organisation in one day. No more manual data entry, no human error and no manual duplication of user data in multiple systems.”

James Veness, Sales Director, Viatek said, “We’re excited to be partnering with Access4 as its UC solutions and ethos perfectly complement our ‘customer-first’ focus. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Viatek has deep experience in Office 365 migration and support. We recognised a real need in the market for Cloud PBX solutions with Office 365 AD integration, and we are looking forward to working with Access4 to solve this problem for customers in a cost-effective, low touch way. Viatek is committed to providing customers with high performance, user-centric solutions helping them embed operational agility and responsiveness into their business. Our software-defined approach across networking, cloud, threat defence – and now UC, ensures our customers reap the rewards of faster provisioning, flawless user experience and 24/7 support.”

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