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Access4 | Mar 13, 2020

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) provider, Access4, today announced it has created a fast track programme for partners. The programme will help them deal with an expected increase in demand to support work from home arrangements for employees to minimise the impact of COVID-19 since the World Health Organisation declared coronavirus a global pandemic.

Tim Jackson, Access4 Managing Director, said that the programme introduction recognised the need to support and stimulate small and medium business across Australia and New Zealand to ensure business continuity and allow them to trade during this potentially difficult time.

“Our top priority right now is to deliver the product innovations and process improvements we have made that allow our partners to handle significantly increased demand for remote work and work from home solutions from their customers.

As the provider of choice for companies wanting to move phone systems in a relatively short timeframe, we can now have customers set up on Microsoft Teams making and receiving calls to the public network within 24 hours using our new FastPort technology.

The FastPort solution provides customers with a single 1800 number to manage redirections during service migration and connects customers prior to the completion of the port. Once porting is complete, the service transitions automatically, resulting in a seamless customer experience.”

To help encourage small business customers to adopt MS Teams, the company will also support a recent Microsoft initiative and remove its licensing component from MS Teams until 30 September 2020, lowering the cost by up to 50%.

Jackson said, “For smaller organisations, the impact of implementing a remote work or work from home policy could be beyond the cost of consideration. This offer, combined with our product suite, makes industry leading software accessible to business, no matter their size. Offering flexibility in application, consumption-based licenses, simplified scaling and instant provisioning.

We believe Microsoft Teams Calling is a great solution because it’s a platform that any business using Office 365 has access to. Our enhanced product also gives customers the ability to add tailored business features without any on-site hardware or installations – all within the one system.”

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