Access4 | Apr 10, 2017

Access4 Director of Sales & Marketing, Ruy Franco, said the company has a clear goal to be a trailblazer in the industry.

“We are always looking for ways to shake up the market and help customers realise the true benefits of UCaaS. Cloud services are usually subscription-based pay-as-you-go, and we think businesses should be able to buy their telephony and Unified Communications services in the same way. Customers are also able to trial our services before they buy in the same way they would SaaS. “The Australian telecommunications market has for too long been dominated by the market incumbent and a group of second tier players that are more intent on maintaining their lucrative income streams than delivering new and better services for customers.”

Access4’s range of UCaaS services will now be available through partners on month-to-month plans with no contracts to sign and no setup fees. Access4 partners will also offer the option of an annual subscription, which will be available for customers at a discounted rate.

The annual subscription fee also applies to call packs providing greater value to customers. Franco said,

“Unlike other providers, Access4 will not compensate for this new pricing policy by charging higher upfront fees, nor will it introduce set up fees in a cash grab attempt.”

McKinsey estimates that by 2018, more than half (51%) of enterprises will adopt cloud as their primary IT environment – up from just 10% in 2015.

“The take up of Cloud is rapidly escalating in Australia and along with it, customers are beginning to leverage the many services like UCaaS which have the ability to transform businesses and deliver greater efficiency and productivity,” concluded Franco.


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