Access4 | Apr 23, 2020

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) provider, Access4, announced that it recently signed its 100th Partner, with over 60 new partners signed in the past 12 months alone.

Tim Jackson, Managing Director of Access4, said that demand was being fuelled by MSP’s frustrations with Tier 1 carrier reliability and service delivery. “One of the key areas of our growth has been from large MSP’s joining our Channel Program. Their long-term issues with Tier 1 carriers range from network outages to the recent loss of offshore call centres. This, combined with unprecedented demand for work from home solutions during COVID-19, has become a tipping point for large MSP’s, who have frankly run out of patience. An example is our new partner, PConnect, who faced a major issue with former providers.” Geoff Boyce, Director and Founder of PConnect (owned by Precision IT) said, “Our solution was being impacted by network outages and a lack of platform stability, which meant we were not able to meet the commitments we had made to our clients. We undertook an in-depth market review for a new platform partner as our previous suppliers had completely let us down.”

The PConnect solution has since been transitioned to Access4, where the upgraded platform and portal has led to faster, more reliable use and provides the opportunity for customisation.

Boyce said, “The decision to move to Access4 was a simple one. At the centre of our relationship is a shared value system; we both believe in taking the complexity out of the service; making it transparent, dependable and easily understood. We are both focused on continued investment in new technologies and advancements. And we both value reliability and clear communication.”

Jackson said, “Our partners have found they cannot afford to take risks around service delivery and performance. I personally understand the pain MSP’s are experiencing. The idea of Access4 was born out of my frustration from trying to find a quality end-to-end UCaaS solution from Tier 1 carriers in Australia when I was running an MSP a few years ago.

The story of the Access4 beginnings was a simple case of identifying a problem in the market and then developing a purpose-built solution to eliminate every challenge and barrier to entry. Now, with the advent of COVID-19, as organisations pivot to working from home, we have quickly moved from a niche provider to partner of choice for MSPs and SI’s in the Australian and New Zealand market.”

More than ever, remote work solutions are mission critical for companies to stay in business and be competitive during these exceptionally challenging times.

“COVID-19 has been the catalyst for the ‘great working from home experiment’ as businesses are now required to implement an ‘any device, any time, any location’ approach, which is at the core of a solid UCaaS platform. Our robust, quality solution that includes a BroadSoft collaboration and an MS Teams Calling option is fundamentally why we have experienced significant growth in all areas of our business,” Jackson said.

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