Next level quoting with visual call-flow design

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Visually Design Complex Call Flows

Provision from a visual call flow rather than a bill of materials. Plan and demo a visual design with your customer sitting right next to you!

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Fast & Accurate Quoting

Create quotes directly in SASBOSS™! In-built business rules make it easy to pick the correct products and add-ons and build a call flow that works.

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Opportunity Management

Book revenue quicker! Keep a record of all your opportunities, quotes and sales inside SASBOSS™ for convenient storage and efficient management of your customers.

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Reduce Provisioning Overheads

Unsurpassed resiliency and scale to support the world’s largest contact centres with unmatched data privacy and protection.

CPQ Tool

A powerful range of features

  • Visual call flow designer

Allows sales teams to work alongside customers to create detailed visualisations of call flows during the initial design process. This ensures new services accurately match customer requirements and allows them to be put into production much more quickly.

  • Clean, easy to use interface

Rather than needing to use different applications for different steps, the entire design and quote process can now be handled within SASBOSS™ . The visually enhanced tool includes a range of tips and explainers designed to make the creation of quotes as intuitive as possible. All business rules have been built in a way which reduces the chance of mistakes being made that could slow the deployment process.

  • Quick quote

Using the tool, sales teams are able to generate quotes much faster than was previously possible. Teams are able to enter just the minimum of detail required or add more to assist with later provisioning. This allows sales teams to get quotes to customers much more quickly and reduce the time to revenue.

  • Enhanced opportunity and proposal management

Quickly and easily evaluate new opportunities by making use of the tool’s visual interface. Create multiple quotes for an opportunity, and generate new proposals quickly and easily using their own business branding.

Get the most from your CPQ experience with CPQ Premium features!

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